The Story Behind MuttRadio



You see our Mutt fetching the 45 rpm record.  His name is 'Takoda' - Sioux Indian meaning 'Friend to Everyone.'   He's a mixture of unknown breeds.  Our Mutt also reflects we humans - we all have a bit of this and that in us.  Our music format recipe is a celebration of that melting pot - slow cooked to give you MuttRadio!



Nightly Takoda wanders the back alleys of bars and restaurants; scraping through the highs and lows of the human condition, and absorbing the music that wafts in the air.  Music for people who work hard and play hard!


Sundays Takoda finds solace in the gospel tunes that offers salvation, and wags his tail to the roots of rock n' soul - jazz & blues.


Our underdog salivates for tunes that are like bacon! 


Takoda, The Mutt, is constantly digging for 'Funky Rock 'n Soul' - the salve for 'A Hard Day's Night!'


Enjoy! - Brian Smith, Crate Digger